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Suomen Nuorkauppakamarien digilehti johtajuudesta

We are looking for trainers to international Strategy Academy by JCI Finland – send your application by 16.3.2018!

Strategy Academy is an international strategy training weekend for jaycees who wonder how to accomplish national level strategy process in their own country. The main participant target groups are national board members, the officers being responsible for taking the strategy process forward and future talents aiming for such positions.

This is a unique opportunity for JCI Finland and its members to show their talent and knowledge to international high-profile audience. We are now looking for team trainers.

Strategy Academy 2018 will be organized in Oivanki, Kuusamo, on August 17th -19th2018. The team trainers will start the weekend on Friday morning August 17th.

Team trainers are in a key position to ensure a successful weekend together with the head trainers and key notes as well as the organizing team. The weekend offers a unique opportunity to strengthen skills in training in English, to develop oneself as a leader of an international team as well as strengthen one’s strategy skills.

The amount of team trainers will be proportioned to the amount of trainees. Travelling,
accommodation and dining expenses are covered from Friday lunch to Sunday breakfast by the
organizing LOM.

We are looking for team trainers, who meet the following criteria as well as possible. Please
describe your knowledge and experience in your application well, with examples.

  • Member of JCI
  • Previous training, team leading or facilitating experience in English
  • Good written and spoken English skills
  • Graduated from Strategia! or Future Chapter training. (Team trainer experience is considered as a benefit.)
  • Experience in participating in a strategy process at JCI, work or elsewhere
  • National level JCI Knowledge (also could have been gained e.g. through team working)
  • Good teamwork and communications skills
  • Capability to be a persistent, supportive and inspiring leader for your own multicultural team prior, during and after the training weekend
  • Ability to commit oneself to:
    • online (webinar etc.) pre-sessions of team trainers in spring (most probably in May
      and/or June)
    • organize own team’s working via e.g. Skype before and after the actual training in
    • training weekend in Kuusamo on August 17th till 19th 2018 (readiness to participate in
      Kuusamo a joint team trainer session in the morning of August 17th)

There is a possibility that some of the team trainers may be able to give also training on agreed content of the weekend. The subjects in Strategy Academy are:

  • basics of strategy and strategy work
  • communication of strategy
  • leadership and implementation
  • tools and methods of strategy process

If you have experience in the above mentioned subjects in national level JCI work or in your personal work life, along with strong training experience in English, and would be interested to participate in the subject training, please indicate this in your application.

Send your free form application in English, together with the up-to-date “kantakortti” by 16.3.2018 to Senior Advisor (Skills Development) Tiina Naskali, . Please describe your earlier experience in training or presenting in English, strategy process as well as other requirements presented above. If you have any questions, please contact Tiina Naskali (

The decisions on team trainers will be done and all applicants informed about the results by

Further information: and

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