Ride the wind of Change

This year JCI Finland’s theme is Huomisen johtajat – vastuullinen muutos – Tomorrow’s leaders – sustainable change. The theme has been chosen because I
believe that inside every one of us, there is a leader, who is ready to create sustainable change in businesses and society.

In February, we were faced with a shock most of us young adults never thought we would face. War in Europe. It changed our view of the world in most profound ways, leaving us worrying not only about those directly affected, but also our own futures.

Now we tomorrow’s leaders are needed more than ever. To keep the wheels of our society turning, to make sure our society is ready for the challenges that are facing us. And to do it according to our strategy, by offering our members and partners the possibility to create sustainable change in society, and develop tomorrow’s young enterprising leaders while doing so.

When the world changes around us, Jaycees act. JCI Finland has added a new national project to our Plan of Action to support our local organizations help the people that are fleeing from Ukraine and arriving to Finland. I am so proud of all our members and local organizations for your leadership that you have shown in these challenging times in your thoughts, words and in action.

Writing this, I’m on my way back home from the last regional conference of the spring, in region D. During the weekend, we really got to experience the warm hearts contradicted by the cold wind in Kemi. The local president of the host chamber JCI Meri-Lappi, Joel Kallankari, almost poetically stated in his speech, that the ruthless wind in Kemi has brought the town more hardships than they have deserved, one after another. But the people in Kemi, they are resilient. They have chosen not to fall, but instead ride the wind of change and make the best out of the worst that they were forced to face, by innovating, renewing, networking and boldly investing in their future.

I think we all can learn a thing or two about this attitude – to ride the wind of change that might at first seem negative but if we take advantage of the opportunities it brings along, we may end up further and higher than ever before. This issue of Johtaja delivers different perspectives on change leadership, that we can also learn from.

Sometimes the wind of change blows hard and cold, sometimes it’s a warm gentle caress, sometimes something in between. The only thing that is certain is that the future is in the air. JCI helps us see the future, because the experience we gather here allows us to see the future clearer than without it. But above all, JCI helps us create the future proactively, towards a more sustainable and better tomorrow for all.

With these Steve Job’s words that I think describe us Jaycees perfectly, I want to wish everyone a successful year with a lot of exciting changes: People who are crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do.


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