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Suomen Nuorkauppakamarien digilehti johtajuudesta

Pirkanmaa’s first international JCI published on top of Tampere

Pirkanmaa’s first JCI chapter with an emphasis on international activities and globalization was published on Tuesday Feb. 9th 2016, in the towering heights of Tornihotelli Visio Lounge. The new, aptly named JCI United strives to offer its members versatile opportunities in challenging organizational and business projects, as well as to promote good leadership, personal growth and general well-being of the society it operates in. As the new chamber was created with global aspects in mind, the working language is English, and the activities are open to all members under the age of 40 who are interested in international activities, regardless of their native tongue.

The publication event was attended by a number of Pirkanmaa’s top business and political leaders, including the mayor of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, management expert and holder of the Finnish honorary title of vuorineuvos Kari Neilimo as well as the national president of JCI Finland, Mervi Vuorinen. The incredibly talented, contestant of the currently running Voice of Finland TV show Iida Repo performed her breathtaking interpretation of the song Diamonds Are Forever. Repo is also a long-standing JCI active and a part of the new chamber’s founding team.

The chamber’s president Heikki Viitanen had the following to say about the timing and international emphasis of the new chamber: – Globalization and international issues are now more current than ever. Finland, desperately looking for economic growth, puts its faith into innovations, export and new global opportunities. At the same time more and more non-finnish speaking talents and future entrepreneurs are coming to Finland to study, to work and to live. Pirkanmaa truly deserves its first international, English speaking chamber.

Apart from the founding of the new chamber, the year 2016 is also otherwise special to Pirkanmaa’s JCIs. Viitanen continues: – The European meeting of JCIs will be held in Tampere this coming June, meaning that over 2000 active members interested in improving themselves and their business and social environment will be visiting our city. Furthermore, year 2016 is the theme year of international topics for JCI Finland. All in all, the timing for our new chamber could not be better.

– We want to be facing forward, and be an active part of making Finland more international and ready to reap the benefits of globalization. The slogan of our new chamber is “Better business, better future”!

Further information: Heikki Viitanen, chairman, tel. 044-0998996, Tuuli Humina, PR and international topics, tel. 044-2746747

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