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JCI communications are renewing and becoming more versatile

JCI Finland is renewing its online member database – matrikkeli. Part of the renewal is the electronic membership card, with which you can ensure your membership benefits.

JCI membership card in your mobile phone

The new membership card works in Cardu mobilecard –application, which is available for free for most mobile phones. From now on, you will always have the information with you, when needed. Technical service provider is Sunduka Oy. To obtain JCI Finland membership card on your mobile, you need to download the Cardu application to your phone. 

How will I obtain my card?

Your membership card will be automatically obtained to you by JCI Finland.

  • If you already are using Cardu, you will be e-mailed of this addition.
  • If you are not yet using Cardu, you will be directed to downloading the application.

Downloading Cardu:

Registering Cardu:

  1. Download Cardu
  2. Open Cardu and fill in the information for registration. Mobile phone number, your name and a 8-digit password, e-mail are required so you will be informed on new updates. Cardu will not give your information to third parties unless you order this advertising. Cardu’s register ja terms of use .
  3. Start using Cardu.

Should you have any probelms downloading or using Cardy, their technical support will help you you can also check out frequently asked questions for support.

Should your phone disappear or break down, you will obtain your card to your new phone, as your personal information will be stored in Cardu –service. Using Cardu is free. Operator fees for using data transfer apply for using the card.

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