International Business Skills Academy 2019


International Business Skills Academy 2019 is on its way organizing all the company visits and trainings for this year. We want you to join with us!


Academy that will provide information on best practices, case examples and company success stories what it is like doing business globally. We will also highlight personal skills needed while traveling in different cultures. Targeted for trial members and members of JCI Finland.


Visits and trainings will be held in various places. Kickoff will be at area A annual conference in Salo, March 1st. Check all coming events from Facebook page:


Academy will take place the year round in various locations. Deadline for applying to the Academy is February 28th! >>

By registering to the Academy you will guarantee a seat for all events and communications directly to your email regarding events and trainings. Otherwise, we want this year international trainings be available for all jaycees and welcome everyone to join the different activities we do this year.

Speeding us all for a global success!

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