JCI Challenge sends 380 bednets to protect children from Malaria

From June 12th to 14th, the JCI Challenge brought together JCI members from 13 different nationalities for three days of sporting events, team building and charity. This event raised over 3800 USD for the UN Global Foundation’s grassroots Nothing But Nets campaign to eradicate malaria. This campaign sends insecticide-treated bednets to protect children and families in refugee camps and malaria-endemic areas. Each bednet costs 10 USD to buy, transport, distribute, and teach people how to use them.

DSC_0123After France, Malta and Turkey, the sixth edition of the JCI Challenge was hosted in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Participants competed in several events including traditional Finnish sports like wife carrying and church boat rowing. Challengers also had the chance to discover several landmarks and the natural beauty of Hämeenlinna including the Häme Castle, National City Forest Park of Aulanko and its sightseeing tower. After a long day of challenges, they also got to experience an original Finnish sauna. JCI President Paschal Dyke and the Vice-Mayor of Hämeenlinna were present for the award

13461222_10154862942512506_854202132_oThe JCI Challenge is a pre-program of the JCI European Conference, which will be welcoming nearly 2000 young active citizens from around the world all this week in Tampere to discuss how to create positive, sustainable impact in their local communities.

More information and pictures please contact
JCI Challenge 2016 project manager Lotta Hanski JCI Finland lohanski@gmail.com

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