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Suomen Nuorkauppakamarien digilehti johtajuudesta

JCI Baltic Conference 2017 „Impact!“ registration is open!

It’s not JUST another conference, but a hands-on IMPACT experience!

WHEN? 7 – 9 April 2017 in TALLINN

Have you thought about how many things we notice and learn each day? And how many ideas we come up with? A few of these ideas we share and discuss with others. And then only one or two of these ideas we share with others, will come into real action.

Have you thought how many great ideas is left „hanging“ somewhere? Ideas that could possibly have a huge impact. What would happen with our teams, businesses and society, if most or even all of these ideas become actions? Could you imagine the impact? Could you imagine the change?

JCI Baltic Conference 2017 “Impact!” mission is to inspire and empower people all over the Baltics and Europe to see and ACT upon the things they want to change in organizations as entrepreneurs or leaders or in society as active citizens.

Through 3 topic areas (business and entrepreneurship, leadership, society) we will give you ideas, empowerment, examples and real experience how to:

  • find ideas and create solutions;
  • how to transform ideas and solutions into actions and
  • how to get through actions to – great(er) impact.

In addition to ideas and experience  sharing, the conference is also a platform for making impact – by providing you the space to find and implement solutions for businesses, organizations and society as a whole.

In the conference there will be 4 keynote speakers, 2 of them outside of Estonia. We will now announce the first 2 speakers:

1. Peter Kentie – Marketing wizard from Netherlands
2. Jan Andresoo – Founder and CEO of Inbank

In the senators event we will have our magnificent Estonian diplomat and our previous Estonian foreignminister – Marina Kaljurand.


All in all, JCI Baltic Conference 2017:

  • 2 days of diverse, unique and high quality program by great speakers, workshop trainers and entertainers;
  • REAL hands-on IMPACT! experience – from thinking to DOING;
  • new business partners and friends from all over Baltic countries and Europe;
  • uncountable number of new ideas, empowering experience and the best memories.

Until 28th of February the ticket for JCI members, candidate members and senators is only 85 euros.

More info from our homepage and Facebook

Info about accommodation can be find HERE



The organizers of this event are JCI Tallinn with our co-organizer and partner Tallinn University.

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